2019-01-21  Success Report.

Hi Great people,

Let me congratulate you for joining one of the most sustainable programs online at the moment. It is absolutely impossible to attain success without the active support of all our members. Thank you very much for all your support thus far.

At this point, I think it is important for us to report some of our outstanding performances.
1. Top on the list is deposit report. As at the time of filing in this report, total deposits thus far stand at $77,852 while withdrawal stand at $26,821.83
You can do or ask any accounting person to do the math and see that advgain remain very strong and sustainable in terms of return on investment
2. We are also please to inform you that advgain have done 3 circles of payments on our 30 days plan And 3 circle is 90 days and the 4th circle will be in 4 days time.
3. On our daily plan which happens to be the favourite for investors, 116 Days of payment done.
The above are just a few highlight of our activities. Members should be note that we process payment twice daily. Once our instant payment system module is completed, we can then process payments almost instantly as they come

very soon, we shall be changing our graphic design page. Our facebook page will soon be up including other social media tools like twitter. This we help to broaden our scope and increase our coverage in World Wide Web space.
Our DDOS protected Server is very active and all account are secured. That is why no one has ever reported their account hacked.

The good news is that your darling advgain is on a very strong footing and we are very determine to ensure everyone is happy. Your joy is our joy and your pain will also mean our pain. Please do support us more by adverting advgain to others and earn the incentives. Everyone is happy and we intend to keep it so. It is a strong selling point and it will not change.

As soon as we have approval for advcash and okpay approvals, they will be added as deposit and withdrawal options.
Once again let me congratulate you for making the wise choice of joining us.

Do have a most fruitful week ahead.

New members can check RCB offers of all monitors on here members can find high rcb offer and can request rcb to monitors accordingly


Have a Good  Day.



AdvGain LTD Team

2019-01-05  Happy New Year.

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fun packed Christmas and New Year Celebrations?

As an organization, we warmly welcome you into 2019. We are sure you have been enjoying your earning experience with Advgain Ltd. 2019 shall be greater for us all.

When we started, nobody gave us the chance but we were very determined to run a long term sustainable program that will put smiles in the faces of our members and that has been what we have been doing since our program was launch 100 days ago.

Ask any successful investor, they will tell you everything good and long term starts small. We actually started from our very humble beginning. Advgain is right now emerging as one of the leading programs on the net today. People are getting excited and rushing to join as the days goes by.

We are happy to bring you some of our progress report. Today make it 100 days since Advgain Ltd started. Isn’t that amazing?

For this 100 days and still counting, we have fulfilled every of our obligation in terms of payment to members. No member can claim that they have not been paid. As at today, we have done more than 3 cycles and processed over 932 verifiable payments to all our members. This can only be possible because when you are not motivated by greed in this industry that is the only time one can draw a long-term sustainable program like Advgain Ltd.

Our motivation is long term sustainability and member’s satisfaction. Some have come with unsustainable plans that are designed deliberately to entice people with high percentage returns which can never be sustained. Many rushed in and got their hands burnt. Yes, our percentage might be low to some people but it is sure to deliver what we have promised. Isn’t it better to go long term than to get your hands burnt?

Like most of us already know, AdvGain Ltd is a registered company in UK. At the moment, we are working assiduously to add our phone support where you can reach us real time.

We just added our Mass PAYOUT module and our programmer is working hard to install our customized instant payout module which will pay you almost instantly as you cash-out. Please be reminded that you can take advantage of our referral system to extra some extra bucks by referring more people into Advgain Ltd. Remembers, we are paying 2 level deep referral commissions which is 2%-1% on your referrals.

Recently, we added a few monitor sites which will help in enhancing our transparency level. Some of you know how monitors work.

We are sure we did a lot of spending during the celebration season. This is 2019, it is time to recover, it is time to start earning again. Advgain program is your opportunity to recover all, jump in and encourage your friends to jump in and start earning again.

We cannot end without thanking all our pioneer members, staffs and well-wishers. You have kept faith with us; we shall never betray your trust. We will not let you down. Thank you for all your support, you shall all be rewarded in due course.

This 2019, we guarantee a most rewarding earning experience with Advgain LTD.

Best wishes.


AdvGain LTD

2018-10-22  Cash Balance Purchase Addition!
Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that we have added a option of cash balance purchase. NOW members can Purchase investment unit using a cash balance. we are paying commission on cash balance purchase as well.

AdvGain Limited
2018-09-27  Official Launch!!
We are pleased to inform you about the launch of our investment project. Now, each of you has the opportunity to become part of a profitable business of Forex Trading and Arbitrage Betting. Investing has never been so easier and affordable - be sure to check out our investment plans, which will give you more detailed information about the specifics of cooperation with the company.

Best regards,

The team of AdvGain LTD!
2018-10-21  Company Registeration Added!
Dear Members,

Today we  have added our official registration certificate on our website. further more we have already applied for EV SSL for extra secure transactions, waiting for its validation and shortly it will be added. Happy Earnings.

AdvGain Limited Team